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designs interoperability communications platform and markets a diversified range of high value Interoperability Communication products for global government, business, aid and humanitarian, Public Security and Military Defence sophisticated markets. Founded in 2003, the Company has grown stronger to become an international leader in its market niches.

RED SUN SYNTHESIS core products are Interoperability Communication System, Satellite radio, Tetra System and subsystems, and Analogue Radio. All of our products have an exceptional reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

Building clever products makes us the brand of choice in our markets and enriches the lives of our people.

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The IOC-1200 S-Series is the only interoperability solution that provides a true SIP-based gateway to digitally converge your existing radio systems with SIP telephones, networks, and devices. The devices allows you to bring the many advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to your radio systems and add radio functionality to your network.

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