ACU-1000 – Modular Interoperability System Gateway

With a growing focus on protecting our citizens and infrastructure, a coordinated command and control response has become a top priority for governments around the world.  From homeland security to local public safety, from mission critical military applications to the latest commercial requirement, the ACU-1000 offers a robust and proven interoperability solution for incident command management.

The ACU-1000 is the world’s most trusted interoperability system. It offers unsurpassed local and wide area interoperability via seamless connections between all types of voice communications devices. It can connect or network radios of all types and frequency bands as well as Satellite, VoIP, and landline phones. The ACU-1000 offers a rich set of operational features and wide scale adaptability with virtually any voice communications device.

The ACU-1000 enables communications between users of these devices by cross-connecting each device’s base-band audio.

The ACU-1000 includes VoIP/RoIP technology to provide a means for regional, state, multi-state, and national interoperability. The unit is completely scalable and field configurable to meet the customer and application’s needs and it is easily controlled using the ACU Controller software provided. It provides three different methods of operation for system redundancy and and its operation is neither computer nor network dependent.

Includes VoIP/RoIP technology to provide a means for regional, state, multi-state, and nation-wide interoperability over TCP/IP network links

应急通讯通综合台平 构建智能互连综合通讯平台 ACU-1000 使指挥调度更顺畅.智能芯片处理, 确保可靠性能. 让指挥员保持镇定从容.