ACU-2000IP – IP Interoperability Gateway

The ACU-2000 IP interoperability gateway adds to the ACU-1000 feature set the ability to digitally converge existing radio systems with VoIP telephones, softphones, and VoIP telephone systems. All of the advantages of the open-standards SIP telephony protocol are brought to your to radio systems and radio connectivity added to your VoIP network. The ACU-2000 IP is modular, completely scalable and field configurable.

The system joins disparate voice communications systems, allowing them to be flexibly connected together, monitored, and controlled over an IP network via an intuitive graphical user interface (ACU Controller software, included).

The ACU-2000 IP continues all of the features of the ACU-1000 and adds interoperability with your SIP devices and systems.

ACU-2000-  IP ( INTERNET PROTOCAL) 础互通平台支持开放式标准SIP协议, 可提供全面的网络互通能力.