IOC-1200 S-Series
IP Base Inter Operate Controller

The IOC-1200 S-Series interoperability system provides a SIP-based gateway to digitally converge existing radio systems with SIP telephones, networks, and devices. This allows customers to bring all of the advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to their radio systems and add radio functionality to a network.

The IOC-1200 S-Series is modular, completely scalable and field configurable. The system joins disparate communications systems which can be connected, monitored and controlled over an IP network. Compared to the IOC-1200 C-Series, the IOC-1200 S-Series adds SIP capabilities to allow your SIP-based systems or individual SIP endpoint, such as a SIP phones or softphone, to be included in interoperable conferences.


  • Connects SIP VoIP devices to radios
  • Two-way radio users have access to features that have traditionally been available only to telephone users, including the ability to directly call telephone extensions, call forwarding, call logging and call recording
  • Control a large interoperability system via IP
  • Connect radio systems at multiple sites across an IP network
  • Remotely change radio channel or frequency over IP
  • Distributed network design ensures continuity of local operations in the event of network failure

Download Product Brochure of IOC-1200 S-Series (pdf)

IP-based Inateroperability Gateway