Analog Radio Adapter

Comparable to an analog telephone adapter (ATA), which allows a standard telephone to operate on a session initiation protocol (SIP) network, ARA-1 provides the same functionality to a radio.

The ARA-1 extends the coverage and capability of an existing SIP private branch exchange (PBX) by allowing the interface of land mobile radios to the system. The radio connected via the ARA-1 is assigned a unique extension that can easily be dialed using any IP phone, softphone, or other voice communications device associated with the SIP PBX. Any number of radios, SIP phones, or other audio devices in the network can be conferenced together by the SIP PBX.

Since SIP is an open standard, a multitude of services are available including call logging, call recording and call forwarding. A SIP PBX can also enable video conferencing, document sharing and text messages between compatible devices.


  • Radio-to-SIP interfaces bring radio to SIP networks or SIP to radio networks
  • Interoperability is as simple as creating a conference call within a SIP PBX
  • Brings SIP PBX features into a radio arena - including call logging, forwarding and recording
  • Extends SIP-based communications to rugged terrain areas
  • Enables communications between radios and network communications devices such as SIP phones and softphones
  • Applicable to a wide range of network topologies
  • Supports making calls both with and without a proxy server
  • Supports operations behind a NAT firewall

Download Product Brochure of ARA-1 (pdf)