We provide HF (High Frequency) to UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) radio transmitters such as the Long Range Digital Radios, Tactical Radios, and Land Mobile Radios. CODAN products are built for maximum reliability and made to withstand tough and hostile environments, allowing quality transmissions and worldwide communication. With improved features, we aim to reduce dependence on infrastructures and lower power consumptions to maximize the ease of use.


The Interoperability Systems we provide are communication conversion platforms that are modular and highly flexible with connection capabilities to all types of voice communication devices including smartphones – public safety communications can be conveyed through a vast array of communication devices on a single interoperable platform. JPS Interop products includes the technology to provide a means for state, multi-states regional, and nation-wide interoperability.


Red Sun Synthesis continues its quest to offer innovative, state of the art specialty equipment with focus on mobility and portability; this time for the maritime operator. P3M strives to cover a full spectrum of equipment and technology designed to be game changers for those who operate in the unforgiving maritime environment.

SOS Group Global

SOS Group are a dedicated team of professionals whose focus is on solutions for survival. We achieve this by developing and integrating advanced techologies to provide solutions suitable for worlds most remote locations. We supply our solutions to government and military, commercial offshore, scientific exploration and yachting and sports diving industries in over 30 countries worldwide.