Long Range Digital Radio (LRDR) solutions are based on the proven and robust Codan High Frequency (HF) hardware platform, including the Envoy HF smart radio and NGT series. LRDR is the most reliable form of long range communications without dependence on infrastructure. From any location in the world and in the toughest environments, LRDR gives you an ability to communicate that is dependable, clear and secure.

  Long Range Digital Radio (LRDR) solutions two main forms of radio wave transmission are ground and sky waves. Ground waves travel along the Earth’s surface, enabling communication across short distances. Sky waves are bounced off the Earth’s ionosphere in order to reach transmission ranges of several thousands of kilometres.

LRDR represents the evolution of HF long distance communications from Analogue based to Digital for voice, messaging and data communications. LRDR utilises the HF spectrum to provide a voice quality and data transmission experience similar to cellular and digital land mobile communications, while also providing the capability for encryption and all standard HF capabilities, including ALE and Selcall.