Control Box / Cable Retention Box / Thruster / Waist Belt / Battery

1) The Control Box is a ruggedized waterproof aluminum enclosure complete with power switch, adjustable thrust control knob and a LED battery state of charge indicator light. The power switch allows the ability to turn off the LED light during covert operations.

2) The Cable Retention Box is a ruggedized waterproof aluminum component that prevents the cables from being accidentally unplugged from the Control Box during operation. The Cable Retention Box can be disassembled by hand for cleaning of the cable terminals.

3) Jetboots thrusters contain heavy duty brushless motors enclosed in waterproof aluminum housings with a black, hard anodized finish. Durable nylon propellers are protected by stainless steel wire mesh and hydrodynamic aluminum ducts for maximum thrust.

4) The Jetboots Waist Belt is a custom back-braced adjustable harness system with a quick release buckle. It is complete with an Adjustable Battery Platform that allows the system to be outfitted with all Jetboots batteries. The harness system provides adaptability for the Control Box, Thrusters and Battery Platform positions to conform to the diver’s equipment configuration.

5) Jetboots lithium-ion batteries are big power in a small package. Available in two sizes.